Releasing a new version involves an upload to, so in order to complete the workflow you must have a user with sufficient rights to do upload.

Follow these steps to release the plugin:

  1. Update metadata.txt:
    • Change the version. Example: version=0.11.1 (for point release 11.1 of version 0).
    • Update the changelog (add information about the changes in the new version). Example:
          0.11.0 - Check for missing repository name and URL in directory (#64)
                 - Correct link to documentation

      to mention two changes, and refer issue (or PR) #64.

  2. Make sure that the log level (set in resource_sharing/ is appropriate for deployment:


  3. The branch to release should be master, so make sure you are on the master branch before proceeding to the next step. If you want to release from the develop branch, please make a PR to the master branch first.
  4. Run make release.

    This will create a package from the current branch, add a GitHub version release tag, and publish the plugin to You will be asked for your id and password.

  5. Voila, the new version of the plugin should be published! Check if you can upgrade the plugin in QGIS without problems.
  6. Make a release on Github and highlight all the new features and fixes of the new version.