We are using Jekyll for the documentation (i.e this website). If you want to contribute to the documentation, it is available in the gh-pages branch (the documentation is hosted on GitHub pages).

The documentation is divided into 3 categories: for users, for authors and for developers. To update a particular page, find the markdown file in the _posts directory. To make a new page, run bin/jekyll-page [page title] [category_code]. The category codes are:

  • user (will be placed in the For Users section)
  • author (For authors section)
  • dev (For developers section)

After you make changes to the documentation, please make a PR to the gh-pages branch in the upstream repository.

Put images in the assets directory. To use them in your post, you reference them by writing: ![alt_text](/QGIS-ResourceSharing/assets/[the_image_path]) (only set the [alt_text] and [the_image_path] parts).