In the root of the repository, there has to be a metadata file describing the repository and its collections.

The metadata file (metadata.ini) must have a general section with this information:

Name | Status | Description collection | Required | Comma separated list of collection names (these have to match the directory names of the collections)

For each collection, metadata are needed. The section must be named by the name defined in the general section. This is the contents of the collection section:

Name Status Description
name Required The name of the collection
author Required Author’s name
email Optional Author’s email
tags Required Comma separated list of tags
description Required Additional information about the collection
preview Optional Comma separated list of preview images (paths relative to the collection root)
qgis_minimum_version Optional Minimum QGIS version. If not specified, the minimum version will be 2.0
qgis_maximum_version Optional Maximum QGIS version. If not specified, the maxium version will be 3.99
license Optional The license of the collection e.g GNU GPL
license_file Optional License file (path relative to the collection root)

This is an example of the metadata.ini file:


name=OSM Spatialite Googlemaps
author=Anita Graser
tags=osm,spatialite,google maps,roads
description=The collection contains a complete resources to create a coherent map that looks similar to the old Google Maps style from OSM data in a SpatiaLite database
preview=preview/osm_spatialite_googlemaps.png, preview/osm_spatialite_googlemaps_lines.png

author=Anita Graser
tags=flows, arrows
description=The collection contains styles for flow maps